Abbozzo Gallery

401 Richmond Street West
Hours: October 26-29 11am-6pm / October 30-31 11am-5pm
Gallery Capacity: 40

Abbozzo Gallery was established in 1993 to represent regional, Canadian and International artists.  The gallery exhibits Modern and Contemporary paintings, prints, works on paper and sculptures in a  warm and inviting setting in the heart of Toronto. We provide a complete range of services in Fine  Art including in-gallery and home consultation and installation.

Brian Harvey: DRIFT

DRIFT is an exploration of Toronto's urban spaces; drawing from the tenants of physchogeography  that emphasize exploration, playfulness and drifting in urban environments, Harvey garners  inspiration from walking and getting lost in familiar places. Harvey's powerful use of colour is the  voice that serves to highlight and magnify even the most mundane details of city life, be it the  burgundy colours comprising a Toronto streetcar (Logan and Gerrard, 2019), or the cheerful yellow  lights that illuminate a seemingly unremarkable alleyway (South of Gerrard, 2019). His art  broadcasts to the world the momentary qualities of the modern city, linking him to the rich traditions  of the Impressionists and the American Realists, which have so vibrantly and successfully captured  modernity in a similar style and subject matter as Harvey does today.

Brian Harvey, Empty Seats, 2021 36 x 42 in

Brian Harvey, Rayman’s, 2021,  60 x 30 in.

Brian Harvey, Still Open, 2021, 36 x 24 in.

Brian Harvey, Sundown, 2021,8 x 8 in.