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Trusted Leader in Contemporary, Post-War and Historical Canadian art Since 1976.

The Post-War Movement:  Abstraction in Canada

The half-century following the end of World War II was one of the most fertile periods in the history of painting in Canada.  Abstraction dominated artistic practice, as many artists sought an international language that might transcend national and regional narratives.  This exhibition highlights a period of remarkable creativity in this country, when ideas of abstraction and the nature and limits of artistic mediums were being hotly contested by artists. Works include those associated with movements as diverse as Abstract Expressionism, Colour Field painting, Hard-Edge painting, and Minimalism.  These artists, some of the most celebrated in Canada, continually sought to redefine what painting was and what it could be.

Marcel Ferron, Untitled, 1958 – Oil on Canvas – 8” x 10”

Rita Letendre, Sharav, 1973 – Acrylic on Canvas - 42” x 66”

Harold Town, Ship of Dreams, 1981 – Oil on Linen – 36” x 30”

Marcel Barbeau, La Rosee de la nuit, 2007 – Acrylic on Canvas – 51.25” x 31.5”