Gallery House

2068 Dundas Street West
Hours: Oct 26 - 31 10:00am - 4:00 pm by appointment only via email or phone

Gallery House specializes in broadening the audiences of our artists and we are a management site exhibiting our stable of artists and authorizing select dealers in the world.  We are the authorized site to handle distributing works, authenticate works and answer questions, release new works ourselves or through an authorized dealer show, fair, biennale or institution.  To ensure your works are by our artists’ check-in with Gallery House to confirm that the dealers representing the works are authentic.  We provide collectors assurance the price is standardized, transparent and can provide them alongside our partnered dealers detailed information about each of the artists’ works.  

Further, we exhibit and build collections on important works by some of the most in-demand contemporary artist today as well as new contemporaries. Founded in 2009, our artists have a history of breaking public attendance record at museums and galleries.

Annually we offer services that include: corporate collection, private collection, estate, framing and installation consultation.  Gallery House artists assume an ambitious presence at the following art fairs each year: Art Stage Singapore, Art Toronto, Hamptons Art Market, AAF Battersea, AAF Hampstead, AAF Amsterdam, Art Amsterdam, Scope Miami, Art Fair Tokyo, LA Art Fair and more.

"Under the Spell of Joy" Ray Caesar, George Cho, Jeffrey Chong Wang, Grace Eunshin Kim, and John Kissick

Following 18+ months of stifled curiosity and suppressed creative expression, Gallery House is excited to announce a special exhibition, "Under the Spell of Joy." Featuring a selection of artists.  In celebration, with galleries in the city as part of the Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) response to the new challenges presented by the pandemic we celebrate works of art expressing joy at Gallery House, Toronto Canada.  Escape the conventional and email us directly with your whole party full names and contact information for a complimentary immersive private viewing experience are available during Toronto Gallery Week.

Jeffrey Chong Wang, First Date 36 x 24” Oil on Canvas

Grace Eunshin Kim, First Thanksgiving, 48 x 40”, Oil on Canvas, 2020

John Kissick, Too Near the Bone, 72 x 66” Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 2020

George Cho, Ceremonial Bowls 15, 24 x 13” Glazed porcelain bowls, 2014