Olga Korper Gallery hosting VIVIANEART (Calgary)

17 Morrow Avenue
Hours: October 26-30, 10am-6pm
Gallery Capacity: 40  

The Olga Korper Gallery is pleased to partner with VIVIANEART from Calgary for Toronto Gallery Week!
Our collaboration will include current works by contemporary artists Tyler Bright Hilton and Sarah Nordean, as well as the solo exhibition "ironic mile of irony" by Ken Nicol.

Olga Korper: Ken Nicol


VIVIANEART: Tyler Bright Hilton and Sarah Nordean


Olga Korper Gallery / 1 & 2: Ken Nicol, ironic mile of irony (Sneak Peak)

VIVIANNEART / 3 & 4: Tyler Bright Hilton, ink on paper 15.25 x 17.5 in

VIVIANNEART / Sarah Nordean, Everything Swayed, 2021 acrylic on panel 20 x 24 in

VIVIANNEART / Sarah Nordean, We Waited in Silence, 2020 coloured pencil and acrylic on mineral paper40 x 28 in