Rukaj Gallery

384 Eglinton Ave. West
Hours: October 26-28 10-6pm, October 29-31 by appointment
Gallery Capacity: 10

Rukaj Gallery is a Fine Art Gallery in Toronto with over 40 years of exhibition experience and international and domestic art fair history. We specialize in modern and contemporary fine art from Europe and North America, including painting, sculpture, and works on paper.

"Large + Small Museum Works at the Gallery", including works by William Perehudoff, Jack Youngerman, and Ray Parker

"Large + Small Museum Works at the Gallery" highlights a selection of modern artworks from our inventory. The exhibition brings together bold, colourful abstract works by European and North American artists including Ray Parker, Jack Youngerman, and William Perehudoff. Their paintings range in width/height from several inches to over a meter, and may require viewers to take them in from a distance or look at them up close. By juxtaposing large and small paintings, we invite visitors to consider how modern artists used scale in their works, and also how our own distance from the wall impacts our viewing experience.

Raymond Parker, Untitled, 1966 Oil on canvas, 35.8 x 49.9 in.

Jack Youngerman, Untitled, 1959 Oil on canvas, 26 x 28 in.

Alfred Leslie, Untitled, 1959 Collage, 8.75 x 7.5 in.

William Perehudoff, AC-95-11, 1995 68 x 68 in.