Rumi Galleries

203 - 25 Montgomery Avenue
Hours: October 26-31 11am-4pm
Gallery Capacity: 10

Rumi Galleries specializes in artworks by Canadian, American and British Masters. Founded in 2007, the gallery's focus is divided between its inventory of Canadian, American and British artists of the 20th century and contemporary artists of different generations. Works in all media can be found at the gallery including painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and printmaking. The gallery continues to develop its exhibitions with the introduction of new artists, curating exhibitions of 20th and 21st century pieces held in inventory and exhibiting at international art fairs including Art Toronto and Art Miami.

Canadian, American and British Art

Canadian, American and British Art - Artists featured include: A.J. Casson, Charles Gagnon, Friedel Dzubas, Greg Curnoe, John Little, Josef Albers, Joyce Wieland, Leonard Brooks, Louise Nevelson, Lynn Chadwick, Peter Clapham Sheppard, Patrick Herron, Paul Fournier, Reva Brooks, Rita Letendre, Sorel Etrog, William McElcheran.Spanning two centuries, this exhibition focuses on masterworks by Canadian, American and British artists and includes paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints.

Patrick Herron, Rumbold Vertical Two Reds with Purple and Orange, 1970, 78.25 x 48” in

Louise Nevelson, Rain Forest Night Presence Column, 1967, 49 x 8 x 8” in

A.J. Casson, A.J. Casson, Log Barn, Haliburton, 1929, 9.5 x 11.4” in

Peter Clapham Sheppard, Peter Clapham Sheppard, Near High Park, Toronto, 1920-1930, 8.5 x 10.5” in